Institute of Advanced Studies, interdisciplinary fundamental and clinical and imaging correlation term parameters intrauterine development of their status neuro-psycho-motor during development to adulthood IMOGEN, will become the most powerful research institute in the fields of medical imaging; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Oro-maxillofacial and Neurology, an important partner for institutions / organizations in areas covered national and international motto Sustainable development by and for the people.

The strategic objectives of the research activity

  • Creating prerequisites for the development of new research activities within SCJU-CJ in multiple interdisciplinary applications of medical imaging and genomic medicine in order to align the CJ SCJU-European network profile;
  • Harmonization directions of research with national policy and their integration into EU research policy in the Health, partnerships and associations with prestigious institutes, universities, companies;
  • Increasing scientific performance by getting top scientific results, competitive national and International;
  • Institute’s Human Resources Development: training for all categories of personnel, implementation of continuing education;
  • General increase Institute’s visibility.